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About The Client

Dermysk - Medical Aesthetic Clinic and Academy

Dermysk is a Canada-based medical aesthetic clinic and academy that has been operating in the field since 2015. They have established their presence in four different cities across Canada, with clinics located in Toronto, Montreal, Regina, and Edmonton. With a mission to make luxury accessible to everyone, Dermysk is setting the highest standards in medical aesthetics education and practice. The client lacked engagement on its social platforms and looking for a social media strategy that would create brand awareness, improve engagement and generate more leads.


Project Objective

The medical aesthetics industry sits in a beautiful niche between beauty and the medical industry. Although the market is growing exponentially, new players always struggle as people are not willing to trust everyone when it is about their bodies. Demysk has been serving its clients for quite a long time. They are the pioneers of medical aesthetics in Canada, providing top-notch aesthetic procedures and educating aspiring aestheticians who want to pursue their careers in this field. Dermysk wanted to improve its digital presence. The brand wanted to capture new leads by reaching a wider audience on social media and telling them about the positive impact of medical aesthetics. The task would have been easy as the brand is already established but social media algorithms are updating every day. They needed a perfect social media strategy that counters the algorithm and communicates their message to the targeted audience.

Problem Statement

Being a leading digital marketing agency driving a social media strategy or managing paid campaigns wasn’t new for us. But finding gaps and capturing the opportunities that competitors are missing in four different locations was like stepping into uncharted territory.

The problem arose when our team found out that page’s reach was dead. The followers were declining with every passing month, creatives lacked consistency, and when they tried to run ads, the cost per lead was skyrocketing. Thanks to our digital marketing experts, the issue was resolved within a few weeks as they came up with an extraordinary social media strategy.

  • Reach19.256
  • Impressions41,328
  • Cost Per Result$8.31

Research Phase

We spent hundreds of work hours researching, trying to find a window and understand our client’s target audience. Facebook and Meta provide detailed targeting options when running a lead gen or conversion campaign. But it is important to do a deep competitive analysis and understand the goals and objectives of the campaign for perfect execution while minimizing the cost per lead. However, it didn’t take too long once we used our roleplaying tactic. We discovered that in Canada, only a handful of medical aesthetic clinics provide training and workshops apart from aesthetic procedures. We wanted to stand out among the competition by providing young and aspiring kids training, workshops, and practice opportunities. We just had to tap into that market with the right targeting, and so we did.

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The Big Plan by

To minimize lead and conversion cost, we came up with a strategic plan to improve our targeting. The objective was to reach the right audience who are interested in our service. Our creatives designed strong and engaging visuals, telling about the services and discount promo, while maintaining the brand’s consistency. We also promoted value-added content and hired professional models and TikTok and Instagram influencers to do cross-platform promotions for Dermysk.

Furthermore, we installed Facebook pixel on Dermysk’s website to retarget the visitors and also created look alike audience to reduce the cost per lead. We made sure that our ad only reached the right audience by applying multiple strategies, improving ad timings and doing detailed targeting.

The Result

The results were amazing and showed why Advertyzed is one of the best digital marketing agencies in the USA and Canada. The social media marketing efforts led to a substantial increase in Dermysk’s followers and engagement across various platforms. Engaging content, consisten posting, and interactive campaigns fostered stronger connections with the target audience, resulting in higher brand visibility and reach.

Moreover, through influencer collaborations and engaging social media content, we successfully created a sense of brand loyalty among Dermysk's target audience. As a result, customers felt more connected to the brand, leading to increased repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. This ultimately resulted in a significant reduction in lead generation costs, which were reduced by nearly 75%. Our efforts were highly appreciated by the client, prompting them to hire Advertyzed for their web design services for the Dermysk Academy website.


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